Apartment Rentals

Ottawa Real Estate has 9 apartment buildings with over 200 apartments to suit your rental needed in Moose Jaw.  Ottawa Real Estate has:

  • 4 apartments with underground parking and 3 with elevators;
  • clean, well-maintained apartments with experienced caretakers who are courteous and honest;
  • bachelor, 1 bedroom and 2 bedrooms suites ranging from $550 up to $1,700 per month;
  • various apartment locations from South Hill to Wolfe Avenue overlooking Happy Valley with the majority in the downtown core;
  • 3 apartment complexes across from Crescent Park and 5 within walking distance from downtown.

You can see why Ottawa Real Estate Co Ltd is the first place to look in Moose Jaw when looking for an apartment to rent. You can also purchase tenant insurance or even take care of any motor vehicle or drivers license transactions you may have at Ottawa Real Estate Companies one stop shop!

Apartment Rentals Map

Tenant Insurance

moose jaw tennant insuranceNot many renters are aware of just how important tenant insurance really is. While a landlord's insurance will cover the building, your belongings will not be covered, nor will it cover any of your personal liability needs. Our brokers at Ottawa Real Estate Co Ltd - Moose Jaw Insurance can help you design a custom policy to fit your specific insurance needs. Did you know if you accidentally started a fire or left taps on resulting in water damage you will be held liable?

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